#XXXPress By WeDeepen

Wed, Aug 25, 2021 | 7:00pm - Wed, Aug 25, 2021 | 9:00pm UTC

About Event

Madonna said it best: What isn’t expressed is repressed. And what's repressed causes a lot of dysfunction and blockages in all areas of life. 

As the Queen of communication and connection, it is Hannah's greatest passion to curate safe spaces for people to feel and heal, and #XXXPress themselves through breath, sound, and movement. She knows that the more humans get comfortable in the sometimes uncomfortable spaces, the more people feel safer to be their full selves and create empathy and compassion in the world . Hannah has offered cacao ceremonies, movement experiences, and expansive rituals spanning from Bali to Bangkok, and LA to Miami. She knows the power of feeling and she believes that Life is Art. When you claim your power as a creator being, you are able to make your Life, and the world, a masterpiece.

Connection is a huge reason we are here. It's a nutrient to the soul! 

Each week the event opens up with an hour of expression, movement, and meditation. From there, you're invited into a conscious conversation around taboo topics spanning from sexuality, relationships, identity, social justice, and global environmental issues. These are things that are may not normally be accepted at the dinner table or easily spoken about on the bus.

Every other week there will be a thought leader that will be interviewed around a topic and the event closes with an opportunity for the audience to tune in and ask questions. 

This is a space where people can come together to get into their bodies, release shame, guilt and trauma, and start moving towards greater wisdom and intelligence. We use the movement and meditation in the beginning to release the stored and outdated beliefs and start to gain greater clarity and compassion for multiple stands and viewpoints. 

In a time where people are heavily divided, come and find harmony within and create more wisdom, connection and understanding.

Grab a cup of tea and come #XXXPress yourself all while learning new things from people who may, or may not, have similar view points as you. 

Embrace your Power.

#XXXpress yourself. 

Age Policy

18 + up

Due to the content of some of our taboo topics, only adults are welcome . If you're a minor with a parent you're more than welcome to come to the events if you ask before arriving though. We realize that although some topics are taboo, they also need to be shared with our growing ones.

Refund Policy

No Refunds available unless emergency (death, childbirth, co-vid)

Please do keep your ticket and use it at a future event though!

Terms & Conditions

We ask that all attendants come to each event sober and with an open-mind and heart. Some of these events will have an edgier conversation happening, so it's important to show up with respect for oneself and each other. 

House Rules include:

1. Welcome Everything.

2. Assume Nothing

3. Reveal your Experience

4. Own your Expereince

5. Honor Self and Other. 

6. Dress comfortably

7. Bring Tea ;)

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WeDeepen relationships—your relationship to self, to a lover and to community. 

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